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Got Issued a Stop Work Order? Get your Stop Work Order released and your business back up and running smoothly Do Not Keep Your Customers Waiting... Avoid risking fines and even criminal charges by going back to work before you are under proper compliance. Simring Law can Get Your Stop Work Order Lifted and Get Back to Work 954-816-2417

Once your Stop Work Order has been issued, you may have only 21 days to get the help you need. Call our law offices today for immediate assistance.


We  guide you through the process so you can be in compliance and avoid felony criminal charges.


We help you isolate and determine your financial exposure prior to submitting records.


We communicate with the State on your behalf and negotiate a settlement of the penalty received.

Florida Stop Work Order Defense Attorney

Stop-Work Orders and Penalties – How We Can Help

This can be a very confusing and enormously expensive process that often will put an unprepared small business out of business. At “Simring Law”,  we specialize in providing exactly the assistance you need. We handle Stop-Work Order issues and Penalty Assessment through the entire State of Florida. During this difficult and tedious process, we will:

Get involved immediately to work with the State Investigator to get the Stop-Work Order lifted so you and your employees can get back to work.

Help you sort through and then provide the necessary documentation that is being requested by the State of Florida investigator.

Save you money. It is very common for the State of Florida to assess a much larger penalty than you should owe. Our experienced team of lawyers can make sure that you are not paying any fines or penalties in excess of what you owe and we can oftentimes work with the State to significantly reduce the amount of the original penalty assessed.

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